Random Thoughts on a Tuesday Night

1 12 2010

*Sigh*…Well, this hasn't been the greatest start of the week…Sunday evening I was getting myself ready for church when all of a sudden I felt my throat close up and I started to feel myself getting weaker by the minute. I decided to stay home and sure enough, an hour later I had chills and I could barely swallow. Thought it was strep throat but a trip to the doctor the next day confirmed that that was not the case. She said that it was probably a viral infection and I had to just let it run its course. So I'm letting it run its course and fortunately I'm slowly starting to feel this thing move out of my body. But I am a bit sad that I missed church on Sunday and small group tonight. Good thing for podcasts…

Christmas treeSpeaking of podcasts…I just added my Christmas music playlist to my iPhone so I guess it's officially the Christmas season…I usually tend to get aggrevated with radio stations around this time because they forget that other music still exists and decide to only play Christmas music, which can get boring and redundant sometimes. I used to think that made me a Scrooge, but I've come to realize that I'm just picky about my Christmas music. I don't like a lot of hollering, I don't like corny arrangements. I like songs that are simple, reflective, and fun. I have a set list of Christmas songs that I like and it's rare that I deviate from that list. Sooo…I thought I'd share with you tonight my list of holiday favorites…Ready? Here we go…


1) Kirk Franklin and the Family – Kirk Franklin & the Family Christmas: This is a classic album for me. It's one of the few Christmas albums that I can listen to from beginning to end and never get tired of it.

2) Avalon – Joy: Yet another Christmas album I can listen to from start to finish. The whole thing just sounds very triumphant and happy like show tunes and makes me want to reflect on all the warm and fuzzy things about Christmas.

3) Boyz II Men – Christmas Interpretations: I pretty much like every song on this album, but my favorites are Let It Snow and Do They Know. Nice. Simple. Classic.

4) Donny Hathaway – This Christmas: Donny's smooth voice on this track always makes me think of hot chocolate, egg nog and spending time with family. Love it!

5) Eartha Kitt – Santa Baby: Just because I just like Eartha Kitt and it sounds so…I don't know…swanky…

6) The Temptations – Silent Night: Ok so I love how the vocal range of this song goes from a high falsetto to the lowest of the low bass. And I love at the end when they say "Merry Christmas, from the Temptations," in that deep, deep voice. This song always reminds me of riding around town in my dad's old white Buick with the red uni-seat in the front.

7) Nat King Cole – The Christmas Song: Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without this classic.

8) Mariah Carey – All I Want For Christmas Is You: I guess I'd like this song even better if I had a beau to sing it to, but it's another fun song that's usually quick to put me in good, fun holiday spirits.

9) Yolanda Adams – Born This Day & Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas: I don't really listen to gospel music so much anymore, but you can't go wrong with this lady's jazzy soulful voice.

10) Run DMC – Christmas in Hollis: As a huge hip hop head growing up, this song was huge. Fun but with a funky bassline. Who said you can't be stupid fresh on Christmas too?

11) Selah – O Holy Night: I'm a big Selah fan and a big fan of this traditional hymn. So the two of them together is blissful.

12) Vanessa Williams – What Child Is This: This song holds sentimental value because it was the first Christmas song I learned to play on the piano when I took lessons as a kid. I like Vanessa's version.

There are some other songs but these are my top favorites. I guess I should've put Handel's Messiah in there as well. You can never go wrong with that song, no matter who's singing it, although I am partial to the version on Quincy Jones' A Soulful Celebration CD. I also just saw that Northpoint put out a Christmas CD, so I'll have to listen to that and see if it makes the list. I'm sure it will since I love most of the music that comes out of NP.

*Sigh*…This week just started but I feel like it's been going on forever. Really looking forward to finishing this semester, taking this Christmas break and going back to the ATL again. I miss my family and my friends like nobody's business…




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