A New Indie Movement

12 12 2010

I'm frustrated. I'm excited. I'm anxious. I'm angry. I'm hopeful. All at the same time. I've got a million and one ideas running through my head right now and I'm having a hard time wrapping my brain around one. But here's what I've been grappling with today…See if you can follow my analogy:

Hollywood is to Indie Films, what Christian/Family Friendly Films are to ???????

I've known for quite some time that one of my biggest hurdles as a filmmaker is finding my niche, or finding my audience. The equation above shows why. Hollywood films tend to have a formula, indie films tend to be a little more edgy, unpredictable and irreverent (not always, but usually). Hollywood films have lavish budgets, indie films do not. Hollywood films have happy endings. Indie films often do not. These are generalizations but hopefully you catch my drift.

Standard Christian films are kind of like the equivalent of Hollywood movies. They're usually synonymous with family friendly films. While they may not have big budgets like Hollywood, they have a formula, and almost always have happy endings. But to the best of my knowledge, there is not a strong equivalent to the indie film scene in this equation. I have yet to see a film that deals with Christian faith and values but does not follow the rules. One that doesn't try so hard to make everybody look good. I believe that's where I, along with a number of yet-to-be-discovered filmmakers, come in…

The hard part is trying to identify the audience that would be willing to see such stories. Do you go to believers and risk non-acceptance of a story that may not end with someone dropping to their knees at the altar? Or do you go after non-believers who may not understand or be receptive to nuances of Christianity/Christian culture? It's a fine line and ultimately, I know the goal is just to write human stories that everyone can relate to universally, but especially from a marketing aspect, these become important questions.

So here's the deal, peeps. I'm thinking maybe I need a PR person. I think. Or better yet a branding specialist. I already know that I suck at self-promotion anyway, and I don't even know where or how to brand myself and my films. So I need someone to coach me in this.  Someone who knows how to walk that fine line. Someone that can help me fill out the question marks in that formula. Is that you? If so, get at me! It's time for a different type of indie movement…




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