A Filmmaker’s Vent

7 01 2011

Well it's been a very stressful past couple of days. If anyone out there has ever wondered why movies have such large crews and why they're so expensive–you have NO IDEA!! Class Picture is the largest cast I have ever had to deal with, and something simple as scheduling rehearsals has proven to be quite the ordeal. Class Picture also has more details than I've ever had to deal with. Because part of it is a period piece, certain articles of clothing need to be found. Fortunately, the actors in the first half of the film will be wearing uniforms, but their hair and makeup still needs to reflect the time period. Not to mention the fact that we're still trying to find a school location. We found the church and they have been FANTASTIC! But they have no parking lot, which means we need to find a separate lot to shoot in.

The uniforms that I ordered for the kids are the wrong size…I still need a gazillion more extras…I still have to do a head count so I know how much food I need…hair stylists to interview…have to meet with my camera guy so we can do a location scout…production meeting to plan…two more rehearsals to coordinate…have to book rehearsal rooms…have to finalize production schedule…have to purchase and reserve parking passes since DC doesn't know how to have parking lots at their establishments…and I STILL have to find out what that little sign is called that children hold in front of them when they take class pictures, you know the one that says "Hillside Elementary School, Class of 1985" — yeah that. I need to find out what that's called so I can buy one…this is why film crews are so big–because usually they have people to do all this stuff…and as the crew grows, so does the budget, which is obviously something else to stress me out…

And that's only the tip of the iceberg of all the stuff I have to deal with…I'm trying to keep it all in stride…thank God I only have to deal with all this for two more weeks…but that's the life of production. I don't know of any filmmaker who doesn't ask themself the question "Why did I get into this business again?" at least a hundred times during the course of production. Of course, but once we get to the other side, we always say it was worth it in the end.

So I press on…Please pray for me! 🙂




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