Creative Overload!!

5 02 2011

Ok so I know my past couple of posts have been depressing-ville…sorry about that. Sometimes I just need to unload. But I really have nothing to complain about…Life is good right now, my classes are going very well this semester–I, and the students, are having a blast and I've been able to fine tune some of my content, at least in my Intro classes anyway, I'm getting out and about town and meeting new friends and fellow artists…But let me me tell you all about how I'm MAD excited about all the great projects are coming my way!

  • IMG_0255
  • I've got one more day of shooting Class Picture before we hit the editing room. We shoot next Sunday and I'm getting excited, although I still have yet to find a parking lot for us to shoot in. This is exactly why I hate producing–because I hate having to be the one to find and organize this kind of stuff. But I'm praying that it'll all come together in the end as it always has…


  • I'm also working with my good friend, Loria King, on a new documentary called "Black Ivy." This film will take a look at African Americans who have attended Ivy League schools. The idea is to revisit W.E.B. DuBois' philosophy of the Talented Tenth and see if these Ivy Leaguers are today's version of that. I'm really excited about this one because we've already been churning out some very interesting research and we're looking to shoot that in June. 
  • I'm also still working with Loria on editing the documentary that she shot about the life of her grandfather, Hossick Jefferson. He's a fascinating man who lived to be (I believe) 103 years old. He has seen so much in his lifetime, and some of his viewpoints on life in America might surprise you. His family is also a descendant of Thomas Jefferson and his slave mistress Sally Hemings, which is interesting as well. But I"m really excited about this project because I've been hoping that Loria would finish this project ever since she first shot it while we were in film school at Columbia University. Now that she's picking the project back up again, I'm honored that she has asked me to edit it.
  • And then there's still Something Worth Waiting For. Now with all these other projects going on, I'll probably have to push it back to later in the year, but I am determined to shoot this film THIS YEAR. 

That's four films in one year but if there's one thing that making Class Picture has taught me it's that I need to make sure that I'm always shooting something. I let so much time lapse since my last film that I had forgotten some of the important lessons that I learned on that film. I'm a director, and the only way I can become a better director is if I keep directing. My goal is that when my contract is up at HU next year, I want to be in a position where I can transition into being a full-time filmmaker. That's the plan…

And in the midst of all this, I'm planning on going to Haiti with my church in May. So far 2011 is shaping up to be a great year…




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