Some of the Coolest People I Know I Met Online

12 02 2011

I got mad love for social media. After all, I've met some really cool people behind the walls of a computer screen. For example, there's @visualcadence, who I met through Craigslist in Atlanta. She's the one who's responsible for shooting all my headshots, including the one that used to be at the top of this blog. I put an ad on craigslist one day that I needed a photographer and she responded. We met at a local Borders, discovered we were both believers and a beautiful friendship developed. Through her I also met her husband, @andrewtuce, who's an awesome videographer and filmmaker. I've had the privilege of working on a few projects with the Tucciarones and they are all around great people. I love their creative energy and their warm spirits. 

Recently I met @keilabee1, a fellow ATLien who's a transplant to DC like me–another cool peep. Then there's @thehairmystro–Just met her when I was trying to find a hair stylist for my Class Picture shoot. The first day she showed up on set we hugged like we had known each other for years. Very cool peeps. Today I met @ChristinaFaith for the first time in person. She's a fellow female filmmaker of faith who hails from Philly and who's doing big things for the kingdom. It was such a pleasure meeting her, and we had an AWESOME convo about what it means for artists to redeem the media. I just love having conversations that challenge me intellectually and spiritually! But each of these people I met through Twitter. And that's not to mention the many other people I tweet with on the regular but just haven't had the privilege to meet in person yet.

I found an awesome parking lot to shoot Class Picture online, and through that I met Brooke Kidd, the awesome Executive Director of Joe's Movement Emporium, a fantastic dance studio in Mt. Rainier, MD. She's a great person, very giving and accomodating for us. I look forward to doing more business with them in the future, and I even plan on taking some yoga classes there soon!

I found my awesome church just by doing a google search for "Church DC."  Loads of cool people there. Heck, technically I even met my ex-boyfriend online–back in the days of MySpace–hehe. Even though it didn't work out between us he's still cool people.

I'm always amazed by the way that God seems to connect me with interesting people via the internet. People who share my values, share my intellect, share my passion for the arts. People from different places or even people in my own backyard who I never would've known if it weren't for cyberspace. People who I needed in my life. So if you're one of those who are still skeptical about the digital revolution–get on board! There's tons of cool people to meet, relationships to spark all just with the touch of a few keystrokes.





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12 02 2011

You’re the social network Queen! I feel cool that I even know you ’cause your cool people 🙂

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