It’s a Wrap!

14 02 2011

DSC_1918 small Yesterday we finally finished shooting "Class Picture"–WOOHOO!! I can't even begin to tell you how much lighter I felt when I came home last night. Even though the work is still not done, at least the burden of dealing with production is over. Yesterday was probably one of the worst days we had on set. We were scheduled to shoot at my apartment and I woke up to discover that there was a short in some of our wires. Khalilah and I were trying to make breakfast before everyone arrived and before we knew it, there were sparks coming from the light switch in the kitchen! We had to postpone the shoot and call mainenance. Once they came and fixed everything we were back on track but that was pretty scary. That incident made us behind schedule and then when we got to our second location we discovered that things were not in the condition that we were promised. It's all good because it all worked out though. Then, one of my actors didn't bother to show up! Fortunately, I had a back up plan to proceed without her–but talk about a stressful day! At any rate, we got it all done.

Avril and Sheila
I must say, the best part about the entire experience was working with the kids. They were the best! This was my first time directing kids in a movie and they were such a joy to work with. As you can see from the picture above we had a lot of fun. So much so that I'm trying to figure out a new story that I can write, just so that I can work with them again. 🙂 One of the parents said I should consider doing more children's programming, teen PSAs and the like, and you know what? I just might consider that.

Now that shooting is complete, we now begin the equally long process of post-production. I turn the footage over to the editor this week. This should be interesting because this will be my first time having someone else other than myself edit my work. I'm praying that it's a positive experience so that I'm not going "I shoulda just did it myself!" the whole time. Now I can also shift my focus to "Shaking the Ivy," the documentary I'm working on with my friend Loria, and also strategizing for "Something Worth Waiting For."

Stay tuned for more updates on "Class Picture." In the meantime, you can catch a sneak peek of the webpage for the film here. It's still a work in progress, so be sure to keep checking back for updates!




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