12 03 2011

What's good Convergence readers! As much as I've tried not to fall back into the abyss of not writing, here I find myself two weeks from my last blog. Aw well, such is life. A couple of updates:

1) I got my first 3 checks for Haiti! Woohoo! Getting those donations made the trip feel that much more real. If you would still like to make a donation, please email me and I'll tell you how!

2) Remember a few months ago I said I was writing a book? Well, I am–but I'm not writing the book I thought I was. I still plan on writing the Convergence book but it's taking a long time to edit. I am, however, writing a book on screenwriting called "Just Write!" It's a coffee table book so it's not too long and it'll be perfect for people who are just getting started with screenwriting. I also found out this week that a little blurb I wrote on choosing a major will be included in a book on advice for college girls. More information on the book coming soon!

3) I can't remember if I told you all this before but my film "Defining Moments" was accepted into the HolyWood Film Festival in Brooklyn, NY. The film will be playing there on April 15-16. I'm really looking forward to doing the Q&A on this film, because it usually sparks some good discussion, especially among women.

So, lot's going on. In addition to all this I'm still working on the "Black Ivy" documentary and I'm putting together a package to begin teaching film production workshops to private groups and individuals. I'll keep you all posted and I'll try not to let another 2 weeks go by before my next blog! 🙂




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