Scarred By the DMV

30 04 2011

Growing up in NJ, I have bad memories of the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles)…

In NJ, you have to get state inspections every other year for your car, and if your car fails inspection, they slap a big fat REJECTED sticker on your car and you have to drive around with that until you fix whatever is wrong. Well, being that I drove lots of clunkers during my early driving days, being rejected was a constant state of my life. To this day, even if I’m driving a brand new car, I find myself going into car inspections with fear and trembling because I don’t want to fail inspection.

In NJ, if you went to the DMV it was an all day because there were separate lines for every little thing. First you had to stand in this long line to get the right form (of course in those days we didn’t have the internet to just download forms). Then you had to stand in a different line to turn in the form. Then yet another line to make your payment. Another line to receive the item you came there for. By the time you get through all these lines, you realize that you only received half of what you came their for, so you have to go stand in line again to get the other half. Exhausting…

In NJ, the workers were mean. And the offices were very small. So not only did you have to spend all day cramped in a tiny shoebox of a waiting area, along with people and their crying kids, you then had to stand in a long line and then deal with the attitude problems of the workers.

Well, today I finally got my MD tags and I must say dealing the Maryland MVA (Motor Vehicle Administration), I passed my inspection. The offices were large with plenty of space. I stood in ONE line. And the people there were very pleasant. What a nice experience.

On the other hand, I had to turn in my GA license and tags. Boy did that hurt my heart. But I guess all good things must come to an end…even if only temporarily… 😉




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