Random Thoughts in the Wee Hours of a Sunday Morning

8 05 2011

Let’s just say that right now I’m not a very happy camper.

I’m on yet another family vacation. In a hotel room. In Texas. With one of my beloved family members who snores. Loudly. And it is 2:26 am and I got two hours of sleep before I was awakened. And we have to leave at 6:45 am to go to church with my sister. So as I entertain an internal debate over falling asleep in church vs. staying in the room to sleep while the rest of the family goes to church, I’m reminded that I was really looking forward to going to church with my sister in the morning.

My family doesn’t see the snoring as a problem. Their solution is to use earplugs. But the earplugs keep falling out of my ears so they’re useless. I discovered that the only way to drown out the noise is to listen to music on my iPod. But the more I increase the volume, the louder the snoring seems to get…So now at this point the music is so loud it’s overstimulating and I can’t get back to sleep.

So I figured I’d just get up and blog…

Despite my current frustration, today was actually a fantastic day. My brother-in-law graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary with his Masters in Theology. My family and his family all came down to support and we’re all so proud of him. The graduation ceremony was great. My sister threw a party for him afterward and that was great too. It’s such a blessing to see God working through my sister’s family and only time will tell what will happen with them next.

Being around all those seminary folk kinda rekindled my desires to go to seminary. As many of you know, I’ve been wanting to go for almost 7 years now. Somewhere in my closet I have a huge file folder with information from the two schools I’m interested in. I actually came this close to applying to DTS’s Atlanta extension campus about 3 or 4 years ago. I stopped myself when I thought about the possibility of acquiring more student loan debt. That and the thought of having to be a student all over again–reading and writing papers, ay yi yi…Still, it’s one of those thoughts that comes and goes at least twice every year. It was also really cool to be able to talk to some of my brother’s classmates and get their perspectives on their seminary experience. I believe I probably will go one day…the only question is where, when and how.

Only 4 more days until Haiti! I met a woman at the party today who is from Haiti and she gave me the low down on what to expect. I’m really excited, although God only knows what I’m about to walk into. I can’t even begin to tell you how God has blessed me and made provisions for this trip. Everything from raising the funds to go to getting the necessary shots and medication, God has shown through every phase that He is sovereign. I know it’s not going to be any luxury vacation, but I am looking for God to do some great things while we’re there. Please pray for our team.

Well, it’s now 3:02 am and I’m even more awake now than I was when I first started writing this post. So maybe I’ll just stay up, go to church and then find a corner somewhere alone at my sister’s house and catch up on sleep. ‘Cuz it don’t look like it’s happening tonight…




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