Countdown to Haiti…

11 05 2011

Have you ever felt like there’s more you should/could be doing with your life? I feel that way quite often, actually. I’ve got a great job doing what I love and yet, there is something gnawing at my soul…

In just a few hours, I will be leaving the comfort of my home to embark on a journey that I am suspecting will change my life and change my heart. For those of you that didn’t know or haven’t been reading this blog, I, along with my brothers and sisters from Restoration Church, will be traveling to Ouanaminthe, Haiti to serve the people and children at Orphanage of the Rock. This will be my first mission trip ever, and while the nervousness is still there, I can’t even tell you how excited I am to be going on this trip…

I’m excited about many things…I’m excited about how God has provided for me every step of the way in preparing for this trip. Everything about this process – from not knowing where the money was going to come from and the last few dollars trickling in at the last minute, to getting my shots – has been a blessing and has shown me that God is sovereign. I’m excited about meeting the children, I’m excited about seeing Pastor Willio and meeting his family, and I’m excited about spending time with my Restoration family.

But most of all, I am excited to see what God will do during this trip. That gnawing at my soul? Yeah, I have a strange feeling that something during the course of this week will speak to that. I’m not sure that this trip will provide clear answers or that it will solve any problems in my life, but I am sure that God will speak. And I want to be listening. Even though I know this is no vacation and I’ll probably see some devastating things while there, I am praying that this will be an awesome trip. So awesome that it just becomes the first of many mission trips. I’m praying that this trip will help me see God in a different way. I’m praying that I can be a blessing to someone. And I’m praying that God will give me an inkling of that “something more” that keeps tugging at my heart.

Please pray for us all during this journey. If you’d like to know some specifics on what to pray for, please check out the website for Haiti Love. This is the organization that our church is partnering with to take this trip. The folks from Haiti Love will be staying over there a week longer than we will so keep all of us in prayer as we journey together…

Much love!




2 responses

12 05 2011

Awesome, Avril. Thanks for sharing with us. I just said a prayer right now, “Lord bless her and speak to her in Haiti!” I’ve been on a couple missions trips and I can attest they are always life-changing.

Don’t forget to blog daily while you’re there (if you can) – or Tweet. If for nothing else to one day show your children, your thoughts and activities while abroad. Or to just look back one day and reflect on the cool things God did while you were in Haiti!

Vaya con Dios my sista!
Much Love,

12 05 2011

I’ll wave at you as we pass each other!

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