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5 06 2011

The reality that I spent a week in poverty-stricken Haiti, followed by a week in the posh, tree-lined streets of Beverly Hills feels a little strange to me. Nonetheless, I enjoyed my time in LA immensely. The sunny, clear, blue skies, the palm trees, the (surprising) quietness, all did wonders for my creative soul. And I never thought I’d ever hear myself say this, but…I think I fell in love with LA.

This feeling was helped by the fact that the visit to Fuller Theological Seminary was wonderful, and so was the film shoot. I was thoroughly impressed with Fuller and their program. On Tuesday, I was able to talk to a current student in the African American Church Studies Program and she gave me some good insight into the AACSP and the school as a whole. I also was able to sit in on a Christian Ethics class, which was amazing. The professor was really engaging and I can’t wait to look up more information on her.

The highlight of my visit, however, came on Wednesday when the Admissions office had arranged for me and three other prospective students to have lunch with a current student. The student that did our lunch just happened to be a Theology & Arts major–with an emphasis in Screenwriting. Needless to say, we had a LOT to talk about! I was so thankful to talk to someone in my exact same field who could address many of my expectations and concerns. It sounds like the department is right in line with my thinking on Christians and the arts, and it seems like it would be a good place to explore the issues concerned with fusing faith and film. I still have some more research to do, but at this point, I’m pretty sure that I want to go there next fall. I just have to pray that God will make a way financially.

The film shoot the rest of the week went equally as well. We had a phenomenal cast and crew! It felt really good to focus on being a director for once, rather than having to double as a set dresser/wardrobe stylist/grip/craft services or whatever else. I had a great time on the set and so far I’m really happy with what we shot. I can’t wait to see the final product!

I’m glad I had the opportunity to experience LA, not as a tourist, but as a working professional. I really saw a different side of the area that was very endearing to me. I was happy to discover that LA is not all glitz and glam and Hollywood…that there is a great indie film community there, and even a nice sized Christian film community there as well. That was very encouraging. Fuller Seminary is located in Pasadena, which was a gorgeous area as well. Only time will tell what God has in store and what the next year will bring. But my prayer as of right now is that all roads lead back to LA :-)…………




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5 06 2011
Kimberly Geter

Pray about all things. I enjoyed being in LA for a month in 2010. Fellowships would help a lot I’m sure. Glad to hear that you’re interested in your PhD. What would you do with the degree when completed? Would it help your career?

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