Writing the Vision…Part 2

14 01 2012

Here is another old post–this time from June 2006. A nice inspiration to seize the opportunities that come our way…Be encouraged!


Taking the Limits Off – June 2006

I wish I had been more specific in my New Year’s resolution. It just
seems like something I would have said on the one day when you’re still
optimistic that everything is possible for the year to come.

“This is the year I’m taking the limits off.”

just had that epiphany today, on June 29, 2006. I guess that’s
significant since I am halfway through the year. But I’m taking the
limits off what? Off my thoughts about God, about love, about my
career, about life.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned so far
this year, it’s how much I have put God into a box with my own thinking
of how He should be loved, how He should be praised. I’ve put God into
a box in terms of what He looks like, what He sounds like, and how He
expresses His love toward me. When I joined my church, I took the
limits off what church should look like and even sound like and I feel
like I’ve touched a whole different side of God’s persona in the

I took the limits off of love–that’s right, I ripped
up my list the other night. Now I’m free to still dream about all the
different possibilities of love. Period. And not be caught up by
pre-conceived requirements that I conjured up after strings of broken

I’m taking the limits off my career…who said I have
to be a filmmaker or a writer? Why can’t I be both? Why can’t I be
neither? I could very well pursue my other dream to go to seminary and
become a biblical scholar…Or I could be filmmaker/writer/bible
scholar all in one…I could write religious books about pop culture
and then make reality shows about it…who knows, the sky is the

This life is so precious and so full of opportunities
that are knocking at our door…Sometimes we’re just so afraid to even
open the door. What are we afraid of? Are we afraid that we might
discover we were wrong? Are we afraid that our belief system will be
challenged, knocked off its rocker? Or maybe we’re just afraid to find
out that there’s more out there beyond what we can see, beyond what we
already know, that just might help us awaken yet another aspect of our
God-given design…




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