Thankful…and Humbled

30 01 2012

*Sigh* There’s so much on my brain right now, but what stands in the forefront is the fact that I am enormously thankful and humbled tonight… As I look around my life, I’m seeing God moving in ways that at one point I thought was no longer possible.

Tonight I’m thankful for God’s grace…and I’m humbled by the love that He shows through the body of Christ.

I’m thankful that I found a church that really believes the Bible and has built it’s foundation on doing what it says…and humbled by the bold admission that we often fail at this endeavor.

I’m thankful that we don’t just stop there and wallow in the fact that we’ve failed…and humbled by the fact that we’re a family of believers that stand by and encourage one another to do better and to be better.

I’m thankful that our church has grown so much just within the past year that I’ve been there…and humbled to see it happen.

I’m thankful that God loves me…and humbled that He even bothered with me enough to care.

Before I moved up here to DC, I remember saying a few times that I was holding onto my faith on a wing and a prayer. I still loved God but I had a lot of doubts, lots of questions. I wondered if my relationship with God would ever get back to a point where I found delight in anything he had to offer.

Tonight I’m so thankful for God’s word and his faithfulness…and humbled that he allowed me to serve him with gladness once again.




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