Farewell to the Queen of Pop

12 02 2012

I don’t usually get super emotional over celebrity deaths. Usually there’s a Facebook RIP status, say a prayer for the family and move on. I guess I figure I didn’t know the person personally, which made it hard to do much more than that.

But this time was different.

Hearing about Whitney Houston’s death has put me in a state of shock. I spent a good portion of last night in tears, and I’m still devastated…partly because despite her downward spiral in recent years, I was rooting for her comeback…partly because she was the voice that defined my adolescent years…partly because I remember looking up to her as a kid. She was tall and skinny and black, just like me, and I wanted to be just like her. I have a memory associated with every single Whitney Houston song. For me, she and Michael Jackson were perfect examples of how music can shape our lives, especially for us pioneers of the MTV generation who watched them both in countless music videos and interviews on our TV screen after school.

But many of my tears were for the wake up call that we don’t have a whole lot of time on this earth. For me, her death was a reminder of all of the artists out there who are chock full of dreams but get caught up in the glitz and the glam. It was a reminder that our lives are but a vapor, and that people are hurting. Over the past few months, we’ve seen several celebrities die very untimely deaths. Some of those deaths were tragic. Don Cornelius supposedly committed suicide. The cause of death for Whitney Houston is still unknown but some say drug overdose, some say suicide. In either case she died alone. Everything that glitters ain’t gold. And at some point every single one of us, whether we’re a celebrity or not, is going to have to face ourselves and deal with the hurt deep down inside that is masked by fake smiles and material possessions. That idea alone challenges me to share the hope that I have with others.

My prayers go out to the Houston family and to anyone in the world that has lost a loved one. Here is the first Whitney Houston video that I remember watching on NY Hot Traxx (who remembers that show?)…RIP Whitney. I’m so thankful for your gift of song that you shared with us.




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12 02 2012

Classic Whitney!!! Love it!!

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