The Gospel Bond

9 04 2012

Whenever I get emails from one of my pastors, he often signs off with the words “In the Gospel Bond.” I noticed it the very first time I received an email, only because I had never seen anyone sign an email that way. But other than that, I didn’t usually think about it too deeply, I just knew it was there.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending Easter with several of my friends from Restoration Church, fellowshipping and breaking bread together. We had service, we had communion together and we even had a potluck dinner after service. But the highlight of the day for me came prior to the service.

My roomie and I were invited to the home of a girl from my small group, to have lunch with a few others from church. As we sat around the table, I was very much aware of the amount of diversity sitting around me, and I thought to myself how 10 years ago I don’t know that I would have found myself hanging out with so many different types of people who didn’t look like me. We made lots of good, small talk but once the conversation turned to the gospel things shifted a little bit. As we ate and talked about what God was doing in our lives and about our past experiences with “Pharasitical” ways (lol), we all shared the common bond of a shared love for Jesus Christ and our cultural differences were null and void. I can’t think of many other circumstances where two college kids from the Phillipines, two black, 30-something artists from New Jersey, a white architect from Seattle and a mountain-loving girl from Denver would share that type of personal bond. I left her home feeling peaceful and very blessed.

In light of my post from Friday, I’ll say that it can be uncomfortable to be in any environment where you feel like you are in the minority. I feel this discomfort sometimes even in church. Yesterday I was reminded that sometimes you just have to tough it out and endure the things that make you uncomfortable. It’s just better that way. I was blessed yesterday not just by by good food and good company, but good conversation about God’s sovereignty. I was blessed by the gospel bond. Who knew? 🙂




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