Random Thoughts on an (Early) Thursday Morning

3 05 2012

So here I am. It’s 4:54 am and I can’t get back to sleep. I’ve been having trouble sleeping through the night lately so I started keeping a log of my sleep patterns to share with my doctor to help try to figure out some of the reasons for my lack of sleep. What woke me up initially at 4:11 am was a bad dream, what has kept me awake since then has been thoughts of excitement about Fuller, egalitarianism vs complimentarianism, and Glee. Um…yeah.

I should tell you that these thoughts didnt just come out of thin air. Yesterday was quite the adventure. It started out with a nice, simple coffee chat with my friend Whitney and ended with a trip to the ER! Long story short, my doctor called me yesterday morning to say that the blood work done from my recent office visit revealed that I had anemia, that my blood counts were low, and that I needed to head to the emergency room to get a blood transfusion. Say what now?? Well needless to say, there went our nice little coffee conversation.

After much confusion and some freaking out from my family back in GA, I decided to take the doctors advice and go to the ER after work. My dear friend Whitney was gracious enough to come with me to the hospital and wait with me. Fortunately, it turned out that I do in fact have anemia but i didn’t need a blood transfusion after all. Thank God!

At any rate, during the 3 hour wait in the hospital, I got to have a great convo with my friend about race and gender roles in the church. I never even heard of the words egalitarian or complimentarian until I came to Restoration Church, and since figuring out that I grew up egalitarian it’s interesting for me to hear the other arguments for a differing point of view. And discussions about race just, for whatever reason, rarely seem to happen at any church so I really enjoyed being able to open up that conversation, albeit briefly. Conversations like this get me even more excited to start Fuller so that I can engage in these types of discussions on a more consistent basis with fellow believers. What a joy it is to reason together! I still feel like I’m in a process of, as Whitney put it, “owning my theology.” I tend to process things best through discussion and reflection so I wish I had more opportunities to have talks like that with others.

So yeah, that’s what’s keeping me up at night, but in a good way though. I’m not stressing about them, they’re just things on my mind that I like to talk about, which is why I’m still up here blogging about at 5:11 am I guess.

Now why Glee is keeping me up at night, that’s another story for another time…lol. I really need some more Gleeks in my life so that I can have someone to debrief with because apparently my feelings about “Saturday Night Glee-ver” can’t be contained. Hey, don’t judge me. Everybody’s got their guilty pleasure…lol!

Well, here’s to trying to force myself back to sleep. Today is going to be a long day so I could use my 7-8 hours…Here we go!




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