26 05 2012

And so the countdown begins. 114 days before school starts (well technically orientation starts in 114 days but that’ll be the official start of my back to school experience), and 34 days until I leave DC.

I’m trying to make it a point to really enjoy DC during my last few days here. I have some things on my DC bucket list so I guess I better get on that. Yesterday my friend Nina and I went to eat at a Greek restaurant in Adams Morgan and then walked to DuPont Circle for some ice cream. It was a beautiful day and I had a realization–I think I am going to miss DC. I know. I gave DC a really hard time these past two years. But there’s some really great things about this place.

As we sat in the park at DuPont eating our ice cream, I remembered how when I was a college student, DuPont was one of my favorite places to go. I loved the big fountain and I loved watching the old men play chess. It was nice to just take in the city last night–with no agenda and no worries. Must do that more often.

Another thing I’ll miss about DC and the east coast in general is seasons. I hear that in SoCal its always around 70-80 degrees and sunny. I like the “and sunny” part but I don’t know about not having spring and summer and fall (I can do without winter :-). What will it be like to not experience leaves falling from trees? To not be able to crush dried up leaves as I walk down the sidewalk? Because I love doing that.

Well, only time will tell. This will definitely be an adventure. One that’s approaching quicker than I can imagine.





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