3 06 2012

26 more days in DC!

And can I say is this past weekend was AWESOME!! It started off with breakfast with my friend Alexandra. She’s one of the college students at my church is she is about to do study abroad in China for the summer. It was so good to spend time with her before she left, and then to take her to the airport later on that evening…Here she is–China bound!

Then yesterday morning I sold my first piece of furniture! Woo-hoo!! Ok, so it was just a small filing cabinet, but at least it was something. Hopefully there will be more to come…

Yesterday afternoon I had lunch with Jim and Laurie, a couple from my church who live in my apartment complex. If I can tell you anything about Jim Bruce, it’s that he loves the Lord and he can cook! Lunch was amazing and I got a chance to meet one of their friends who is an Irish priest for the army. It was a great afternoon well spent. I’ll miss the Bruce’s when I leave. It’s been nice having someone from my church live in the same living community.

Then, last night it was KARAOKE TIME!!! Anyone who knows me know that I LOVE karaoke so anytime I get the opportunity to go it’s always a blast! My friends from Restoration and from college all came to give an early farewell in song. It was awesome to see everybody, young and old, singing together. What a blessing! After karaoke we all went out to eat. As I sat at the table, I felt really blessed to be surrounded by so many old and new friends. I pray that when I move to Cali I will build strong relationships with people and add to this blessing in my life. My pictures didn’t come out super great but you can see some of them below…

Tonight I went to church and we had part two of our series on the book of Ruth. These messages have been blessing my socks off! So many times when I’ve heard the book of Ruth, it’s been preached as a love story between Ruth and Boaz and as a tale about dating and getting married. But what a joy it has been to see that this story goes so much deeper than that! It really is a fantastic story about redemption and God’s sovereign grace. And how unworthy I am of that grace–just like Ruth! Speaking of grace, I met a woman tonight who was visiting from L.A. She said that Restoration reminds her a lot of her church in L.A. She was a very nice woman and I look forward to connecting with her and visiting her church when I get to Cali. Who knows if it’ll end up being my home church, but it’s just nice to know that God is sending connections my way so I don’t have to be alone out there.

Well, busy week ahead…more packing and planning to do…more get-togethers with amazing friends…looking forward to it!

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