Redeeming the Media

7 06 2012

I once had a conversation with a fellow filmmaker about ways that Christians can “redeem” the media. While I’ve had this conversation several times with several filmmakers over the course of several years, these days I’m thinking about what does it really mean to redeem the media? The word “redeem” means to “compensate for the faults or bad aspects of (something).” I think we can all agree that media has its faults. At the same time, there are some things that we can learn from media and culture. I do believe that it is speaking volumes about our society and the things that we value collectively.

As I prepare to start seminary in the fall, I’m having to really think long and hard about what a creative/film ministry could/would look like, and ways that I could join with Christian artists and help them answer the call of God on their lives. I heard a sermon recently from Tim Keller about culture, it’s true purpose in creation, and our purpose in engaging it. Listening to this podcast helped me to put into perspective what is my role as an artist and how I can work toward “redeeming the media.” I especially love the part where he talks about restoring the arts to God’s original intent. Restoring the media…now there’s a term I can grasp and fills me with great hope. I would encourage everyone to listen to this message, but especially artists…




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