The Rev. “Keeps It Real”

12 06 2012

So I think I may have found my new favorite TV show. It’s called Rev. and I discovered it on Hulu the other day. Come to find out, the show has been on BBC since 2010, but I guess it’s just now being shown on Hulu.It’s a comedy about a vicar struggling to keep his small, inner-city London church afloat amidst pressures from the diocese and from society. While some may think it’s a bit crass, I love the fact that the priest is just as flawed as his congregants. He is very human, and there are times when he takes off his collar and acts on his impulse to cuss out a group of rambunctious construction workers, yet he loves God and ultimately wants to do his will on earth.

One thing I love about this show is that it doesn’t portray Christians as neat little do-gooders who go around quoting the Bible all the time. We are human beings who live in the real world and have to deal with challenges like everybody else. And like everybody else, we don’t always handle challenges the best way. We make mistakes, we fail, we fall. But this show also demonstrates that when we recognize our flaws, we can ask God to forgive us. We recognize that it’s God’s grace that motivates us to do the right thing in hard situations. Yet even in the vicar’s flawed humanity, he still manages to be a leader, a protector and a role model for his congregation. This may be the “realest” depiction of church life I’ve seen in awhile. It examines difficult and quirky church members, church politics and fundraising, Christian culture and home life in a way that is light-hearted and feels most authentic to me.

Check out the episode below, they nail the state of the modern day church and the constant pull between traditional worship and the “contemporary, hipster”-style worship that has become common these days, complete with Christian rapper. Although holy hip hoppers in reality are much cooler than this guy in the video, have way more street cred, and are a lot more biblically sound, I still had to laugh at this guy. My favorite line in this episode: “We have a little joke…the more God loves you, the better your PA system.” This is a great show. But then again, I always seem to find value in dark, dysfunctional type of films (save for my weird affinity for “Glee”) so who knows, maybe it’s just me.

Watch it and let me know your thoughts!




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