Pulse of the City

14 06 2012

2 weeks until I leave DC! And 61 days until California! Today me and my girls Khalilah and Nina decided to take a stroll up memory lane to NY. I figure it’ll be a minute before I’m able to fly back out to see this town so I wanted to give the city I love to hate one last goodbye.

I actually have a love/hate relationship with NY. It’s dirty, it’s grimy, yet it has an amazing pulse about it that cannot be denied. NY makes you walk faster, think faster, be creative and stay on your toes and I love it. In a perfect world, I would finish school and move back to NY to make movies and make films.

In the meantime, I’m just truly enjoying these couple days with my girls. We found a really hip & swanky hotel in Times Square and we’re loving it! (By the way, if you have an iPhone you should download the app Hotel Tonight. With it, you can book nice hotels in major cities at cheaper rates. The downside is that you have to book the day of your stay, and you can’t do it until after 12 noon. So it does require some flexibility because you’ll have to go on your trip not knowing for sure where your going to stay. But this is the second time I’ve use the app and theyve always put me up in really nice hotels). We’ve already done a little window shopping, and I had one of my favorite NY staples–a Grays Papaya hot dog!

Anywho, I’m having a blast in NY and I can’t wait until the new adventures we’ll get into tomorrow!









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