Journey Pt. 1: Things I’ll Miss About DC

2 07 2012

Well it’s official. I now have no house keys, and I have no address–at least for the time being as I make this long transition out to the west coast. Last night as I ate dinner with my family, I realized that I’m so thankful I get to spend these moments with them before I move and things get crazy.

It’s weird, I thought I’d get emotional upon leaving DC but I haven’t really cried at all and I don’t feel utterly sad or anything. Maybe it will come later, maybe it hasn’t really hit me yet what is about to happen, or maybe it’s just plain denial. My first instinct would be to say it’s because I couldn’t stand DC so much that I was waiting to get out of there. But that wasn’t the case. Truth is, DC was actually starting to grow on me a little bit. At least the thought of moving back there no longer makes me convulse into spastic fits. I think part of it had to do with us moving to Silver Spring, which ended up being a great move for us. Wish we had moved there in the first place. Aw well. You live and you learn.

At any rate, while me and DC had a hard time getting along at first, it did actually have some good things going for it. After I got over the initial shock that DC is not Atlanta, I finally learned to appreciate the city once again for what it is. So here it is, my list of top 6 things I will miss about DC.

6. Go-Go Music – While I don’t frequent clubs anymore, there is something that is so unique and indigenous about Go-Go music. I say it all the time but I’ll take some Go-Go over Southern rap any day, which they play alot in ATL. When Chuck Brown died, it was a reminder that this musical tradition is DC’s own, and I love that about DC. Many Saturday mornings I would find myself grooving when they played it on the radio. You just can’t help but dance when Go-Go music is on, and that kind of spirit and soul, you just can’t find anywhere else.

5. Food – While I used to always complain that there were no good restaurants in DC, I recall that there were some that I frequented on a regular basis and that I will probably find myself craving from time to time now that I’m away. Shagga Coffee in Hyattsville had the best Ethiopian food around. And the service was impeccable. Elevation Burger, also in Hyattsville (there’s also one in Potomac) have the best burgers in DC if you ask me. Fresh ingredients, organic beef, Elevation sauce, and just the right amount of fries. Yum. Then there’s Fish Market in Alexandria, VA. Great crabs, steamed shrimp, and black and blue burgers. I have lots of funny stories about going there with friends so I will miss that.

4. Self-checkout – I know. Lame. But I will miss the self-checkout scanners that they have a Giant. I will even miss the fact that we have to bring our own bags because now that I’ve had to do it, I’ve developed a system for grocery shopping and I feel so environmentally conscious when I go to the grocery store with my bags. I know I can do that anywhere but there’s an extra special-ness when you’re forced to do it. And I like the fact that I don’t have to wait for a cashier to check out. I can do it myself. I know. Lame.

3. Bethesda – When I first moved to DC, Bethesda was my saving grace as I spent most of my free time there. My two favorite hangout spots were Georgetown Cupcake and Dolcezza, the gelato place. I’ll definitely miss sitting out on Bethesda Row overdosing on these desserts while watching people go by. A great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

2. Metro – DC has one of the best metro systems, next to NY of course. You can get practically anywhere on the metro. This time in DC I also discovered taking the bus, which brought me lots of joy. Again, I know. Lame.

1. Restoration Church – The number one thing I will miss about DC is my church. God blessed me to be able to find this gem in the middle of NW, and this place, this community of believers, has helped me grow so much in my faith. I came to RC at a time when my faith felt rocky, and I was unsure about some things. But they helped restore my hope in the gospel and to accept it as truth for my life. It’s a community of people that really care for one another and see to one another’s needs. Not to mention the fact that my pastors are kinda gangsta’ when it comes to the gospel. Haha! Meaning, they don’t play around when it comes to knowing the gospel and understanding how to communicate it. You can’t leave Restoration Church without knowing what the atonement is, what propitiation is, and what it means for our lives. I really appreciate that. As I prepare to find a new church in L.A. I can only pray that I will be so blessed.

So yes, those things will be missed. And as I move on to my next journey, I’m so thankful that I can include DC in the memories of my life, not just once but twice! 🙂




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2 07 2012

From one foodie to another – I love that 3 of the 6 are connected to food (ok – forced self-checkout at Giant is a stretch but not a big one). All the best with the next chapter – looking forward to updates.

3 07 2012

Haha!!! That’s so funny you caught that! I reread it after I posted and thought “Wow, I sound really greedy in that post!” lol

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