Full-a’ Fuller: When Walls Come Down

21 09 2012

Well, I just about finished the week of New Student Orientation here at Fuller. It’s been quite a busy week, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t exhausted. But it’s been a wonderful experience. I’ve met so many wonderful people and received so much valuable information that I almost feel ready to start classes on Monday. 🙂

Tonight we had our Community Night of Worship and can I just tell ya’ll that Fuller is full of LIFE! It was so refreshing to see so many people from different cultures, races, and backgrounds come and worship together through song. We clapped, we danced, we lifted our hands, we shouted…we sang and read God’s word in many different languages. For a little over an hour, the walls of our differences came down and instead were celebrated. For me, it was a small glimpse of what I believe heaven will be like…ALL people worshiping ONE God–together.

I had a great conversation before service with a fellow student about our desires to see racial unity within the church. She’s Korean-American and shared some of the difficulties she has experienced within her culture when it comes to integrating with other believers. We talked about the similarities between her experiences and my experiences as an African American in the church. Usually when I think about racial unity in the church, I tend to only think in terms of black and white so it was quite interesting to talk to someone from a different culture and realize that many of the barriers are the same. We talked about how in order to break through racial barriers, we have to put ourselves in uncomfortable situations, and we have to be willing to be honest and vulnerable about how racism affects us all.

Tonight I had a thought during the service that maybe deep down inside my reasons for leaving the black church really had more to do with the fact that I just wanted to experience something different. We’ll never see reconciliation in the church if we continue to stay in our comfort zones. Tonight reaffirmed my desire to see all people worship together. Tonight reaffirmed my desire to see the arts transform lives all around the world, not just in my own country or culture. Tonight also reaffirmed that I am in the just right place at just the right time.

I’m so thankful I’m here. Glory be to God…




One response

21 09 2012

All Praises be to God!! I can feel your excitement as it radiates through the phone waves as well as the internet! I’ve been telling people just that….I believe you are in the right place and I couldn’t be more happy for you nor PROUD of you!! Taking that step into the unknown yet uncomfortable and striving to break down the walls!! Continue to allow the Lord to Order Your Steps!!


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