Back to School Day 1: Alive Again

25 09 2012

This will be a quick post but I wanted to keep my promise of blogging about my first day of class. Well, to start things off, can I just say that the day was AMAZING?! Ok. And can I tell you how good it feels to be a student again and to not have have to worry about the pressures of teaching? I’m sure that sentiment will change as the weeks go on, but I’m just so happy to be able to engage and ask questions, to think critically about things and have an environment to process those thoughts without having to be the “authority” in the room. I feel alive again. I feel like the girl who fell in love with media studies many, many years ago and was quick to get in discussions about how the media affects our lives.

Today’s class was Theology and Media Culture with Prof. Barry Taylor. The focus of the class is on television and new media and how their messages influence culture, theology and the church. We watched an episode of The Jetsons and the new TV show Revolution. I know what you’re all probably thinking–what do those things have to do with theology?? Well, we’re going to discuss all of that in class next week so I’ll have to let you know for sure, but the Jetsons actually have some interesting viewpoints about the definition of family and societal roles, and Revolution is all about what happens to mankind during the loss of technology. I do believe that both shows have interesting things to say about our existence and how it relates to God, but I’ll save my theological lexicon for another day when I’m not quite as tired. It’s been a long day…

Work was great too. I work with a great group of people. I am so blessed.

And now that it is officially after midnight and I have gotten no reading done like I planned, I think that’s my cue to call it a night. Hopefully I’ll be able to write a more insightful blog post tomorrow.

A teut a leur!




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