Falling In Love Again

11 10 2012

So much has been going on in the last three weeks that I can hardly keep up. I don’t even know where to start to tell you all what’s been going on. I’m being stretched and pulled and challenged to think about things in new ways, to reach outside of my comfort zone, and as difficult as it is, I’m loving every minute of it. But beyond all the deep philosophical and theological things I’m learning here at Fuller, I wanted to share with you all something very special that is happening to me…

I’ve fallen in love again…

Now, before you go hearing wedding bells for me, let me stop you right there. I’ve fallen in love again with art. It’s been a long time coming but last night as I was editing, I felt the faint pitter patter that happens in your chest that moment right before your first kiss. I’m so blessed to be at a seminary that embraces the arts so deeply. Daily I’m surrounded by people who are intellectually stimulating and at the same time passionate about their craft and about our God.

So I’m finally finishing Class Picture and I also cut together this little piece of footage that I shot over the weekend with my iPhone. Most of it was an experience for me to get back to a place where I could be intimate with the image again. My past few projects have had so many crew people and gadgets involved, that I think I forgot how to love the art form for itself. So this was my attempt to experience the film, to touch it and feel it for myself all over again. And it worked…because I’ve been smitten once more…

Anyways, it’s just a little experiment but if you care to watch it, here it is…




4 responses

11 10 2012
John C. Bailey

That piece is gorgeous, dear. I am thrilled at your new-found love, because it is new, through new hearteyes and soulears.
Thrilled to know that you are finishing CP, mostly because you are seeing it anew.
Bless you Avril, and much, much love to you as you fall…
~ jb ~

11 10 2012

Yes, indeed. It’s wonderful to feel renewed and refreshed. Thanks John!

11 10 2012

Avril, I love you! And I love this piece – it’s great. I can see the raw, enchanted love you have for art and film in this piece. 🙂 I can’t WAIT to see what else God does with you, and what He does with this in your life. Miss you deeply, friend, but I’m thrilled that God has placed you in such a wonderful, exciting, and refreshing season.

11 10 2012

Thanks lady! Love you and miss you too. We need to have another Skype date soon…

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