#60Movies – Day 2: Blue Valentine

4 01 2013
Day 2 of movie watching was Blue Valentine, a pretty depressing movie but hey, Ryan Gosling is in it so you can’t go too wrong there.
Blue Valentine – A married couple who was once madly in love realizes that mutual love does not always stand the test of time.
My takeaway: This is a story about the ways we communicate affection and being understood. There is nothing worse than loving someone and feeling misunderstood. This story also touches on values. What do you do when your values no longer line up with the values of your loved ones?
I wasn’t ready for the receding hairline version of Ryan Gosling, and by the end of this movie I was so angry and confused with the woman who played his wife. But this is a very gritty drama about what happens when relationships go south. Great movie but for the depressing nature of it, I give it 4 stars.



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