#60Movies – Day 8: Tapped

11 01 2013

So I tried to switch it up a little today and watched a documentary called Tapped.

Synopsis: This documentary exposes the evils of the bottled water industry and how they are taking advantage of rural communities, drying them of their resources without paying  the consequences.

My Takeaway: I loved the idea of this film and love the fact that it was exposing a part of our culture that we have come to take advantage of. However, I do wish that this film had been edited differently. As it stands right now, it comes across, especially in the beginning, as a flick about water companies not paying their taxes. I wish they would have started with the environmental concerns about water drilling instead of the financial concerns. I think it was a good, informative film that could have been structured better, and for that I give it 2 stars.




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