#60Movies – Day 9: Following

12 01 2013

Before there was Inception, before there was Memento, before Dark Knight, there was Following, the debut feature film from director Christopher Nolan. Here’s my thoughts…

Synopsis: A man who is obsessed with following people develops a partnership with a guy who has an interesting take on robbery, drawing him into a world of crime.

My Takeaway: What can I say, this film had me at the opening shot. For this to be Nolan’s first feature, you can definitely see the beginnings of his unique style. For me, this film wreaked of French New Wave, with its black and white cinematography and stark jump cuts to keep you slightly disoriented but always intrigued. If you are familiar with French New Wave, this film reminded me of the Godard classic, “Breathless” in that regard. Daniel’s take on thievery was intriguing to me. The idea of taking things from people so that they would realize would they had in the first place speaks volumes about our need for materialism, our “need” to have things that we don’t use and only think about them once they’re gone. Sounds like a metaphor for life. Nolan made this film on a serious shoestring budget of $6000 and he did everything himself so just for that indie spirit alone, coupled with an intriguing movie, I give it 4 stars.





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