#60Movies: Day 11 – Live From Sundance!

22 01 2013

I know, I know. I’ve been slipping on my 60 movies. But between my family being in town last week and then trying to prepare for my trip to Sundance this past week, things have been quite busy.

So I’ll make up for it by blogging about the films I’m seeing out here at Sundance! Yes, I’m here in Park City for a week with Fuller Seminary for our class Engaging Independent Films, and we’ll be watching at least 2-3 films per day so you should get your fill of film reviews to make up for the days I missed! 🙂

Tonight we watched two Oscar-nominated shorts: Head Over Heels and Buzkashi Boys. Both were great films, the first being an animation piece that looked at how a married couple gets through the rough patches in their relationship when one person is going up and the other person is going down (literally).

Buzkashi Boys was about Ahmad and Rafi, two young boys in Afghanistan who face tough choices about what to do with their life. Ahmad is a street kid who has big dreams of being a buzkashi rider (a tradition somewhat similar to bull fighting except on a horse. And theres a goat somewhere involved). Rafi works with his father as a blacksmith and believes this will be his position for the rest of his life. Without giving things away, this film really spoke to me because it touches on what to do when your dreams don’t line up with those around you.

Other themes jumped out at me as well–the underdog, the “least of these” having a right to dream too, and how life fades away when you don’t have dreams. Ahmad tried to convince Rafi to be a buzkashi rider as well, and at the same time challenged his friend to live a life of fulfillment. I think we all need Ahmad’s in our lives.

I give both films 4 stars. Oscar noms well deserved!!




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