#60Movies – Day 14: Sundance “Blood Brother”

7 02 2013
Overall, this film probably affected me the most out of everything I saw at Sundance. It was about a man named Rocky Bratt, who wants to find meaning in his life so he moved to India to serve children at an HIV/AIDS orphanage. This film raises issues about what it really means to be the hands and feet of Christ.

I think this film was quite unique in its use of documentary technique and storytelling. First of all, the film was told from the perspective of Rocky’s best friend, Steve Hoover, who is also the filmmaker. I found it interesting that at the outset of the film, Steve stated that he did not want his friend to go to India and that he was hoping he would fail. His skepticism set up an excellent tension between him and his friend that gets resolved through the course of the film as viewers go on a journey with Steve to see and understand India and the orphanage the way that Rocky sees it: as a place of love. As the film progresses we see that Rocky has found a place where he feels accepted into a family, which is really what he was searching for all along.

This film challenged me as a Christian but also as a Christian filmmaker. It wasn’t preachy, it simply told a story about one man’s journey to find meaning and love. That is a universal concept. When the filmmakers came to Windrider, their commitment to faith was evident. However, they did a great job creating a story that would actually speak to the masses about the truth of God’s love, more clearly than any sermon from a pulpit. The filmmakers preached a message and the people listened, and I think this is evident by the fact that it won both the Grand Jury Prize for best documentary and the Audience Award.




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