Jiggaboos and Wannabees

9 06 2008

Khalilah and I watched School Daze on TV-One last night. It's been a really long time since I've seen that movie. But I realized last night that that movie kinda defies the rules of screenwriting in that it doesn't really have a clear conflict and a character with a clear goal (other than Half Pint's goal to become a Gamma Man). The acts are not too clear. Yet still, it is one of my absolute favorite movies of all time. It had many profound points in the movie, but overall the movie itself didn't really have a point. The Jiggaboos and Wannabees scene in ReRe's Beauty Shop–CLASSIC. And I remember when the movie came out everybody hated the ending when Dap runs out to the Yard and screams for everyone to "WAAAKEE UP!!" But that's my favorite part of the movie. Again, it makes no sense but it makes perfect sense. And isn't it ironic that Spike Lee starts his next film "Do the Right Thing" with those very same words.

Me and Jon totally disagree that School Daze was a good movie. He doesn't see the point of the beauty shop scene. But what does he know. Black women have been struggling over this issue of light skin vs. dark skin, good hair vs. bad hair for years. And we're still going through it now. I hate it when women tell me that can't stop putting perms in their hair because, as they say, "I don't have that good hair like you." That is so ridiculous. There is no such thing as good hair and bad hair! But I'll save that rant for another day. Back to School Daze. I love early Spike Lee movies. Any Spike Lee movie pre-Clockers is all right with me.

Other happenings over the weekend…Jon and I shot a film together. It's called "The Date Interpretor." He wrote it and produced it and I directed it. I think it'll be pretty funny although I wasn't too happy with the lighting situation, but we'll see how it comes out. This was my first time working with Jon on a project. It was also his first time producing. So let's just say the total experience was interesting…

I also met up with my former small group yesterday. We had a baby shower for one of the girls, Laura. It was great to see everybody again. I spent the rest of the weekend packing. Only one more week and I'll be in my new apartment–Yippeee!!!




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